Fairbury, NE

Case #:  33-FAI-Hug


Date:  5-8-09


Type of establishment:  Private residence- 2 adults and 2 young children

House built in the 1920’s, unknown if there were any deaths in the house


Claim of events:  Apparition of a woman with a bun in her hair wearing a white dress from 1920’s.  She seemed to follow one of the occupants.  Have seen also seen a ghost cat.  TV remote control flew off the top of the TV.  Clicking noises and whispering heard.  Feelings of being watched and of unseen presences.  Ball seen rolling across the floor.


Investigators on site:  Robin, Laura, Jim, Chris


Equipment used:  Video cameras, digital cameras, digital recorders, digital floor level, EMF detector


Findings:  No evidence of paranormal found


Case status:  Closed

Investigator's Reports


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xx Re: Case #: 33-FAI-Hug Fairbury, NE
Reply 1: October 29, 2009, 06:23:54 PM by Robin H
This house had quite a few different dynamics within. The house is somewhat old,  but very small. There were complaints of doors opening and closing, but on thoses doors there were no knobs. They also stated balls roll across the floors. Chris a member of NPS has an app on his phone that he used to measure the level of the floor. The floor was uneven. I got no "odd" sensations and was unable to get any evidence that lead me to believe this house was not haunted.

xx Re: Case #: 33-FAI-Hug Fairbury, NE
Reply 2: November 18, 2009, 07:00:43 PM by cjbne
I got no evidence on this investigation, but it was a great learning experience for using different and new tools and techniques while investigating.  I think each investigation is not only a search for the paranormal but a a great experience for maintaining and learning new investigative techniques.


xx Re: Case #: 33-FAI-Hug Fairbury, NE
Reply 3: November 25, 2009, 08:49:05 PM by JimS

The impression I walked away with was of a young family living under difficult circumstances. I think many of us have "been there" in one way or another and I really feel for them. The house was old and in need of maintenance, but I don't think there is any significant spirit activity going on. There may be other types of paranormal events caused by the dynamics and the circumstances involved. 

xx Re: Case #: 33-FAI-Hug Fairbury, NE
Reply 4: November 27, 2009, 09:48:55 PM by Laura
I didnt get any impressions of paranormal here, but it was a good learning experience for us. 
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