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St. Paul, NE, Unknown Photo Anomaly, 1-29-2012
Album - Owner: JimS - 14 items
This series of photos was presented at the UNO Paranormal Society Symposium, on March 10, 2012. No one in attendance was able to debunk them, they even stumped a professional photographer. We had been running a Van de Graaff generator in the basement room to charge the air up with static electric charge. On later examination, a strange purple anomaly was seen in several of the photos. The anomaly was not seen visibly by any of the investigators present. Both original and enhanced versions of the photos are included. Note that through most of the images the anomaly maintains it's size and position in the scene as the camera angle changes, suggesting that it is not a lens flare or reflection in the camera optics. It also does not appear to be a sensor glitch in the camera, or it would remain in the same place in the frame as the scene shifts. The coloring appears similar to the way that IR and UV cameras map the images into the visible spectrum, suggesting that the anomaly is either IR or UV. It seems that it would have to be very bright indeed in the IR or UV spectrum to blow past the filters in the camera and present such a bright image in the picture. We are still trying to debunk these images, but so far we have not been able to.

UPDATE: A subsequent investigation at the same location has revealed that the anomaly was likely caused by a bare ceiling light directly above and slightly in front of the camera position. The purple coloring appears to be typical of light scattering in the lens coating caused by the light entering the lens at an extreme angle.
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Photos taken in an unused basement area of an old commercial building. Most of the area lights were turned off, and photos were taken with available light (no flash). The first seven images in this series are unenhanced, the following seven are the enhanced versions. This image started out as a cont…
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Jan 28, 2012
The first photo that the anomaly was noticed again. It retains it's size and position within the scene over the next few images.
 Views: 208
Jan 28, 2012
 Views: 202
Jan 28, 2012
 Views: 229
Jan 28, 2012

Here we can see Roger standing near the brick wall on the right. No anomaly? Look at the enhanced version of this image.
 Views: 223
Jan 28, 2012

Roger again, with a visitor....
 Views: 217
Jan 28, 2012
 Views: 209
Jan 28, 2012
First of the enhanced images. Dana can be seen sitting on the floor facing the Van de Graaff. Roger is out of frame to the left, Lori is out of frame to the right.

At this point, the faint anomaly at the top of the image seems to look like a lens flare from a bright reflection off the overhead beam…
 Views: 217
Jan 28, 2012

Second enhanced image. The anomaly is very bright now. It could still be lens flare.
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Jan 28, 2012

The scene has shifted to partially show Roger, but the anomaly hasn't changed location.
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Jan 28, 2012

Scene shifted back farther to the right, anomaly still in the same spot in the scene!
 Views: 222
Jan 28, 2012

Scene shifted back to the left again, showing Roger in full. Anomaly has faded considerably, but still appears to be at about the same spot in the scene.
 Views: 215
Jan 28, 2012

Similar camera angle as previous image, anomaly is in the same spot and has grown brighter.
 Views: 251
Jan 28, 2012

Final image, scene shifted to the right again. Anomaly has faded to almost nothing.

Currently the best theory to debunk this series is that the anomaly is a flare from a bright reflection from the overhead beam. The consistency of the size, shape, and position of the anomaly across several images…
 Views: 379
Jan 28, 2012
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