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Title: [Exploring Unexplained Phenomena Podcasts] EUP2016-01-16
Post by: NebraskaGhosts on January 23, 2016, 01:04:07 PM

Hello Folks,

Please join me for conversation with repeat guest Carole Fleet.  Each New Year's day many of us think back on the previous year and make plans or resolutions to change, to do better, to set a new and different course in the new year.  Carole Fleet will offer alternatives to the worn out, cliche' New Year's resolutions that we all make and/or hear about.  There are ten resolutions and here's the first:

“Acknowledge that I am still here.”  Carole Fleet returns to the EUP radio program  April 23rd with the launch of her new book,  “When Bad Things Happen to Good Women: Getting You (or Someone You Love) Through the Toughest Times.”


File download (113:29 mins | 52 MB)

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