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Author Topic: { PRS } 3 Terrifying True Ghost Stories  (Read 4836 times)
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Scary True Ghost Stories
Some ghost stories are scarier than others, but there is nothing quite as terrifying as scary true ghost stories.
    The stories below are true. They were witnessed and documented and in some cases, there is physical evidence. The stories are terrifying. Just remember while reading them that these things happened to other people and could never happen to you. Or could they?
The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. The most famous scary true ghost story is that of the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. The case also led to the most famous photograph of a ghost ever taken. The apparition was captured on film September 19, 1936, when two photographers, Mr. Indre Shira and Captain Provand, spotted a figure descending the stairs and snapped a picture.

     Locals who examined the photo believe it is the ghost of Lady Dorothy Walpole. Lady Dorothy was in love with Second Viscount Townshend. However, her father would not consent to the marriage, so Tonwshend married another woman. Meanwhile, Dorothy had an affair with a man named Lord Wharton, who was deeply in debt, considered a severe character flaw back then. When Townshend's first wife died, he and Dorothy were finally married. Somehow, Townshend eventually learned of his wife's past transgressions and locked her away in her apartments. She officially died March 29, 1726, of smallpox, but many still believe she died of a broken neck after being shoved down the wooden staircase.

     Lady Walpole is known as "The Brown Lady" because she was spotted several times through the years wearing a brown brocade dress. On one occasion, in 1936, Captain Frederick Marryat and two young guests, one of whom brought along a gun for protection against ghosts, spotted the Brown Lady coming down the hall directly toward them. Captain Marryat became so frightened he attempted to shoot at the ghost, but succeeded only in embedding a bullet in the door behind her. What he found so terrifying was the fact the figure had no eyes.
Robert, the Cursed Doll. While ghosts are known to possess people, this scary true ghost story is about a possessed doll. In 1897, the Otto family owned a plantation in Key West, Florida. In 1906, one of the servant girls gave the family's son, Robert Eugene Otto, a doll. Local historians suspect the woman practiced voodoo and the doll was cursed.

     Robert named his doll "Robert" and neighbors reported seeing it moving from window to window when the family wasn't home. Family members and servants heard the doll giggling and running throughout the house at night. Also, Robert's bedroom would be found ransacked and the child claimed the doll did it.

     But Robert wouldn't give up the doll and became so attached to it, he would spent countless hours locked in his room talking to his doll. Years later, when he married a woman named Anne, he still had the doll. Anne hated the doll and in time, forced Robert to put it away in the attic. But it wasn't long before Robert brought the doll back down to a top floor room with a view, where neighborhood children reported seeing it moving about in front of the windows.

     Skeptics might conclude that Robert himself was nuts. However, after Robert Otto died, Anne left the home and leased it, but stipulated on the lease that the doll named "Robert" remain in the attic. Families who leased the home reported hearing the possessed doll running back and forth in the attic as well as the sound of giggling. When they would check, the doll would be in a different position.

     Following Anne's death, the doll was removed from the home and placed in the East Martello Museum, where he remains to this day. Museum staff and visitors continue to report a great deal of paranormal activity surrounding Robert, the doll.
The Haunted ebay Painting. In February 2000, a California couple posted a unique painting on ebay. The item was reportedly discovered abandoned behind an old brewery. The couple claimed their daughter saw the ghostly children leaving the painting during the night. The husband, quite alarmed by his daughter's story, decided to set up a camera and captured two photos of the boy exiting the painting.

     Even more alarming than the imagery moving about was the public reaction of people when they looked at the ebay photos. After more than 13,000 ebay members viewed the picture, the following reactions were reported to the winning bidder:

People claimed they were "repulsed."
Several people became physically ill.
Some experienced blackouts.
One user reported hearing a voice and feeling a blast of hot air.
Two friends started inexplicably crying and praying for a full minute until things returned to normal.
One Native American became ill and was forced to purge his house of unclean spirits by burning white sage.

The winning bidder discovered the title of the painting was Hands Resist Him and it was signed by artist Bill Stoneham. The winning bidder claimed no paranormal activity came with the painting and the original sellers were never identified.

     However, whether the painting is cursed remains a topic of debate. The artist later reported the owner of the gallery where the painting was displayed and the Los Angeles Times critic who wrote the show review were both dead within the year. Coincidence?

Source: Ryan Dube, LoveToKnow Paranormal.

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