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Author Topic: { PRS } For Discussion: Are there Archangels & Demons  (Read 1165 times)
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Archangels vs. Demons
High Priestess Enoch
Throughout my trials of working with the Craft I have run into interesting entities. There are many names and characteristic. They are so damned (sometimes literally) interesting...

First, let me tell you about the ‘good’ ones... the Archangels.

They loving and anxious to help you. So I suggest you to get in communication with an archangel(s) that interest you, on a regular basis. Reading up on a particular archangel with strengthen your bond with him/her.

However, and this is a big however, do not be easily seduced by an entity that says he is the Archangel you called on. Some entities, a.k.a big bad demons, will lie to you. And I’ll tell you more about these big bad asses in the next paragraph. What you need to do now & every time you invoke an archangel to assure your protection from an evil demon is:

1.   call on the Archangel
2.   see the Archangel in your mind/feel his presence
3.   make the Archangel sign his name.

You will see him sign his name letter by letter in your vision/mind. Archangels will not give you any problems or question you about it. If you get any excuses not to or you really can’t ‘see’/ ‘imagine’ the signature in your vision, they are not the Archangel you called on. This method can be used on other entities you like to call on. An entity can not sign the name of another. But they can tell you that they are another,so make them sign.

An interesting thing about archangels is their natural appearance. Which can be intimidating. Archangels stand about 8-13 feet tall. But no worries!....they condense their size to fit in your room!... They seem to be holographic mostly, with milky skin and long faces. Most look very serpentine like. Their eyes can be shiny gold/silver and even black. Kinda scary. And if you feel the presence of an Archangel- the massive pressure, the natural high, and your hair standing on end- the feeling can be confused with a demon, another reason to make them sign in. The good news is that the Archangel you call on does not have to show his natural appearance. You can request them to appear in their human form- and get the typical dressed angel with an attractive face. You will probably see colors and goods they carry (scroll, sword, etc...). The more you research an Archangel, the more readily he/she will come to you.

Some Archangels to call on:

Archangel Raphael
the Divine doctor- helps with illness, pain, headaches, health (may appear with lab jacket on, gold eyes)

Archangel Michael
protector, assures victory, gets rid of Demons (usually appears with with a sword and shield & with Roman amour)

Archangel Metatron
Highest Archangel-loves peace, gentle- does it all. Difficult to call on (as a planet or as columns of light, but can also appear with white, fluffy hair, gold eyes, very Zeus-like, sometimes with a scroll.)

Now for a short description of demons- They are ugly. Really ugly.

Anything that they know that will scare the shit out of you, they appear as. Demons can come as human height solid shadows. As if they are wearing long, black capes. But some Archangels will appear in long, dark cloaks also. So you must make them sign in to tell which is which. These nasty critters are the reason why many people experimenting with high magic get locked up in the psycho ward. They are not friendly to any one- they know their job and they do it, very, very well. Never trust one, never befriend one (in hopes to turn him around) no, no, no. These things are not here to make friends. Demons can hurt, kill, and turn you insane, and will if you give them a chance. Case in point: Amittyville House (that was no ghost-that was a high ranking demon(s)).

Demons can come through to you through Ouji boards. Useful tools, but if used without saying certain rites, is a perfect door for demons to enter. You’ve heard horror stories surrounding such boards. So take caution before and while you use one always verbally say that "you/the board/your home are all surrounded by protective light and only the spirits you name can enter." Have each spirit sign in, in this case it will move the penche to the actual letters on the board. Archangels are great to communicate with on boards. This rule for caution goes for seances and any meditations you embark on.

Now for a final statement
If you ever feel there is a demon present, call on the Archangel Michael and have Michael get rid of the unwanted demon and "send it back to Hell, never to return". This is very useful and important to remember. The bad entity may take a while to go, and may return a while later. But that’s ok- you keep on telling the Archangel to get rid of the demon.
Just always remember the Archangels are here to serve you and will help y
ou in any way.
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