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Author Topic: { PRS } For Discussion: What Ghost Hunting Equipment Do I Need?  (Read 990 times)
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What ghost hunting equipment do I need?
By Stephen Wagner

Stacey Jones
Question: What ghost hunting equipment do I need?

"What equipment is recommended for ghost hunting?" asks Dylan. "My friends and I try to contact ghosts in my house, and we've had a lot of success lately! There have been misplaced items, banging on walls, apparitions in pictures, etc. We are also thinking of making a ghost hunting group of our own."

Answer: For an answer to this question, I consulted long-time paranormal researcher Stacey Jones, founder of Central New York Ghost Hunters:
When starting out in ghost hunting, there are a few things every ghost hunter should have. I think the most important one is having a partner. It's important to have someone to watch your back and help verify the evidence you observe and collect.
When getting equipment you should start out with a few key pieces:

   A digital voice recorder is most important. Gathering paranormal evidence is mostly hit and miss, but when using a voice recorder, EVP (electronic voice phenomena)seems to be the easiest to get. You should follow protocol when gathering EVP so you can clarify the ghostly voices from your own.
   A digital camera is also a good tool to use while ghost hunting. Sometimes a picture will reveal anomalies that are not seen with the naked eye.

Other pieces of equipment are great to have, but starting out with a few pieces of equipment and working up to adding others saves money by giving you a chance to research which equipment gives you the best results.

When ghost hunting, be sure to think of safety first. Always ask permission (from landowners and spirits) before you begin. Perform a protection prayer before any ghost hunting. It's important to note weather conditions, time, date, and who is with you. Ask general questions. It isn't wise to provoke or use a threatening manner. Talk to the spirtis the same way you would want to be talked to.

It isn't wise to ghost hunt your own home. Many people who ghost hunt their own homes report they are unnerved by the evidence they received. It's important to remember that some evidence you get (especially EVP) may be disturbing and often times the voices you get on you recorders may not be who they claim to be. Your home should always be thought of as your safe zone and be treated as such. When starting out, it's best to go to a public place, such as a historic site or a well-known haunted public location.

Remember that you will not get evidence every time you go. But the more you investigate, the better investigator you become and the more evidence you will get. Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out! Be safe, have fun and always show reverence, because ghosts were people, too.
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