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Author Topic: { PRS } For Discussion: Working with Thought Form Entities {Part 1}  (Read 995 times)
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Working with Thought Form Entities
Working with or more like around Thought Form Entities
Emotion, intellect, and our very thoughts are brought about as tiny electrical impulses in our brain. Thus thought is energy, and can be utilized as such, even to the point of leaving a lasting impression on time itself.

Have you ever walked into a room where everyone was very quiet but you could feel the stress? Then you learn that the people in the room had just experienced an argument, fight, fearful situation, or other conflict. That is the energy you feel that was directed and created from the situation. When energy like that is multiplied from a variety of sources or a very intense individual situation it can create a thought form, a residual impression of what was and a way of the though form becoming of its own existence.

In most cases this thought form will dissipate fairly rapidly and discontinue to exist. But rarely the thought form will actually gain energy, grow stronger, and even in some cases develop its own identity. These are very rare situations of multiple individual imprints of thought or from the imprint of a very extreme situation as experienced by an individual.

These thought forms come about mostly from intense emotions. Emotions like hate, anger, and violence are often the source of the creation of thought form entities. Yet love, compassion, and passion with the same amount of intense imprint can create thought from entities also. Pagans of many different paths touch upon this when working with visualization technique and will magicks. As time evolves along some of these paths, the pagan caster can learn to shape the very reality around them by focus and the essence of their will. Likewise, people untrained through an intense emotion can create a thought form into a dimensional reality that is not focused. When thought forms are not focused they seek to create an identity to say, much like a purpose that is within the realm of their creation.

Scenes both bad and good can create thought form. Mankind today puts way to much emphasis on the horrific, troubled, and negative thought forms made popular by horror movies and legend. Today this type of entity is also seen as a residual haunting, as the show Ghost Hunters likes to define it. In those cases the entity replays itself over and over, defining it purpose as the event itself. On rare occasions the thought form can evolve to attaching to an item or individual, and in very rare cases that thought form could react and become "aware" of the environment around it.

With the condition of the laws of physics, polarities exist and are actually required within our dimension of time and space. Negative charges and existence of thought into the form of an identity actually require the existence of positive charges and therefore positive thought forms. If you ever have the opportunity to contact a positive thought form, meld with it, cherish it, and learn from it; yet be sure to distinguish your own feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Both types of thought form identities can provide valuable lessons. Most do not speak in language, or communicate as people do, but those though forms can provide you with a focused emotion or even a range of emotions.

The rare, very rare, thought form that has developed into its own identity can speak, react, and interact with others around. Those types of thought forms tend to mimic, resonate, or focus on the situation that created them. Sometimes they may even replicate behaviors and or personality traits of the person or persons that created them. In these cases it can be nearly impossible to distinguish if it is really the spirit or the thought form created by that spirits identity.

In any case, when working with thought form identities, care and precaution must be taken in order to distinguish your owns emotions, feelings, and thoughts from those that the thought form is trying to impress upon you. Sometimes the attachment or impressions from a thought form can break down the differentiation of the two separate identities. This can sometimes be referred to as possession. Training, discipline, and focus are highly suggested before working too close to a thought form identity. To explain this a little clearer, when one walks into a "haunted" zone and for no reason suddenly become overwhelmed by despair, sadness, and depression. That is the thought form attempting to meld with the individual. Become focused that those feelings are not your own, keep conscious of a division between your feelings and those of the thought form.

A lot of current haunting activity is merely the creation of thought form. Not all, not even most, but there is a lot of activity in recent years and it seems to be on the rise of thought forms leaving residual impressions. This can include many different instances, listed below are examples of thought form energies:

Disaster areas:
These can include places we have seen in recent months where mass death resulted from the consequence of a natural event. Tsunami's, hurricanes, and earthquakes are examples of situations that can cause a large emotional imprint into a thought form.

Mass homicides.
Regions of ethnic cleansing like Dharfur, Croatia, and even the Natzi Concentration camps made into historical monuments. Lots of suffering creates a complex identity and often the site of what many consider mass haunting.

A site of a murder.
Where one is murdered and the life is ended abruptly, horrifically, or without just cause seems to create a very heavy imprint on occasion. These types of thought forms are generally confused and misguided, since the life was taken before the individual felt it was time.

Places that experienced suffering and inhumane conditions.
Places of slavery, prisoner of war camps, or even the suffering seen in the poor districts. Thoughts of resentment, bitterness, and anger build and build as the rich get richer and the poor suffer more and more.

And like the physics of the universe, everything provides and equal and opposite reaction. For the positive.....

Birthings have created huge thought forms.
The creation of life, and along with it pride, happiness, and hope all are known to create thought form identities. Some may refer to these thought forms as angels or spirit guides, and in a way they are.

Sexual intimacy.
These are sites where the passion of two becomes the identity of one. Then it proceeds to create a very strong passionate thought form. An example of these would be to walk into a room or location and all the sudden become sexually aroused. Being alone one can generally rule out pheromones, and if one is a female it can often rule out male testosterone as being the cause, and provide a possibility of this type of though form.

Intense love:
The longing for a loved one can create a thought form identity that is a haunting seen very often. The woman that waits by the sea shore for her husband to come home. Or the mother waiting for her son to return from the civil war are examples

Sites of intense celebrations.
Places where happiness abounds and people had reason to celebrate. Parade streets of large cities can be such sites. Mardi Gras creates similar thought forms.

Sadly as a species we tend to focus on the negative thought forms rather then the positive. Giving credence and rise to the negative, and watching the positive dissipate and move on to the next phase of its existence.
The Poltergeist is commonly known as the mischievous ghost. It can be the noisemaker, item mover, certain visualizations, and other manifestations that often are intended to be of a nature, which at the very least causes concern for the residents or nearby people.

Some paranormal experts consider the poltergeist and the thought form to be the same things. While I tend to rate the Poltergeist on a slightly higher level of sentience, I tend to believe it comes from the same source. And being of the same source, just a state of evolution from thought form to sentient poltergeist, it can be difficult to decipher the difference. The problem is when the thought form energy has taken on such an identity as that of the poltergeist, it does not know the difference. The poltergeists "personality" is much more expanded and complicated, evolving from the pure emotion that created it. But in time and delving in the history of the spirit guide and/or poltergeist you can eventually decipher the difference.

Much of the current research into poltergeist activity show a high occurrence of the involvement of women under the age of 25. Some research even shows that the woman are totally unaware that they are creating the activity on a subconscious level. Furthermore, activity that is not a direct result of their physical involvement, I believe will eventually be connected to a psychic phenomena created by the very women, in other words the creation of thought form entities.

The mischievous poltergeists that are not created from thought form tends to be spirits that have not moved on to the next dimension, derived from expert opinion and research. The actual poltergeists are those spirits that have not or refuse to transcend to a higher state of consciousness. And these Poltergeists (by expert opinion) can be broken down into two different types.

First is those spirits that have not moved on, and really either don't know how or do not realize they are in between dimensional existences. These are regular entities, which had regular lives, and visited regular place. They are much like communicating with friends and family that are here today. When they become Poltergeists is when they become frustrated, when they want to be heard or noticed. These poltergeists are not trying to bring about fear as much as they just want to be heard. They are confused and do not know to move on.

When we come across Poltergeists that have not moved on, it is more our duty to encourage them to move through the light. These past spirits need to be assisted to move on and transcend to a higher state of being. If we refuse that act, in my opinion, it brings about bad karma that will need to be worked out in time.

The other type of Poltergeist is the one that REFUSES to move on. These actually find favor where they are and find that they can "feed" of the negative emotional energy we emit. That is why they make us afraid, the more fear they create, the more they can "feed" from the energy, and the stronger they get. They do receive benefit from the place they are in. The key is not to give them fear, it does not allow them to get strong enough to move objects, slam doors, and such if they cannot draw off negative emotions. But much preparation and discipline is required to keep ones emotional levels in check in order to not provide them with feed frenzy type of energy like fear. And DO NOT taunt these entities, that is part of the process they ploy you in to build up the energy they feed from, in other words you are playing their game.

These can be very dangerous entities, just like any person in this time stream can be dangerous. The difference is they need your negative energy in order to get stronger, and the stronger they get the more they can do. Learn to balance your energies and how to emit a more positive flow of energies and these entities will quiet down, and slowly be forced to find another or move on to the next phase of being.

Personally I feel that poltergeists are an advanced state of thought form energies as I wrote in: Working with Thought Form Hub and Working with Spirit Guides

Only to see the thought forms develop a personality and consciousness to a point of being and reacting to event and people around it.
Also a small note that often-mischievous fairies may be lumped into the category of Poltergeist, which again is a totally different state of being.
Animals are similar to the elemental and thought form entities, in that they are very focused energies within their realms of being, yet have the ability of more complex behavior patterns. Animal spirit guides are able to communicate in thoughts that form words that compromise language skills in our understanding. So while in the physical realm we may not be able to converse with the animal guides, in spirit and in thought there are no barriers to communication.

These spirit forms have evolved into a more complex state of being that learns skill and focus. The Fox is sly, the coyote is the jester, the owl is wise are examples. Animals have evolved into a more complex form of life and because it requires survival skills and talents in order to live in balance. By the combination of those talents and skills the animal spirit guides has gained precedence in certain behaviors and/or traits that can be passed on to mankind.

Dealing with animal spirit guides is very exciting and a time of extreme opportunity to learn. Animals are mostly benevolent and willing to teach their specialties. While some animal guides are weary and slow to come forth based on the proven nature of mankind to destroy, those will teach when they see that someone is worthy of the animal's knowledge and wisdom. By living in balance and seeking to repair rather than destroy, weary spirit guides are often encouraged and willing to teach their skills.

Common mediums of animal guides are lucid dream, meditations, astral travel, vision quests, and physical realities. If someone sees an animal, while on a quest or journey, the should take time to meditate and communicate with the spirit guide of that animal, it is trying to reach that person to open awareness of the animal's various skills and talents. While outside often these animals will approach in a very gentle yet magnificent manner. For instance one could observe the dance of the butterfly while eating lunch outdoors. Times when someone is approached like this, they may be drawn that that animal in an almost hypnotic level, staring and watching while becoming oblivious to the world around them. Concentrate, those are the times the animal spirit guides is communicating even on a subconscious level.

A typical exercise for working with animal spirit guides is to each day become observant of the environment. Learn to stop, listen, and look around and become aware of the life that abounds. As practicing this observant skill watch closely for any form of life that seems to make itself known. The butterfly that lands on someone's arm, the squirrel that crosses the road right in front of a moving car, or the bird that swoops down and catches a bug in mid-flight. These are all examples of the attempt to contact, become aware and then in a quiet place focus on that animal and what it means. Meditate on the animal spirit guide; visualize the spirit of that animal hunting, running, playing. Take the time to practice visualizing interacting with the animal spirit guide, playing, feeding, and even communicating. In many ways working with animal spirit guides is taking the time to learn, understand, and know that animal just like one would take the time to get to know a new friend.

A common method of animal spirit guide contact is via people's dreams. Many times people will spend most of a day explaining a weird dream they had, often those dream includes animals in some shape or form. Be observant and focus on the meaning of that animal and its area of specialty. Dream journals are a great way to keep in mind what the dream was, what animal that was in it, and can be a method for developing trends of animal contact in the dream world.

Animal guides are absolutely amazing to work with. Many animal spirit guides may require time to earn their trust, which is understandable as mankind systematically destroys their habitats.

7 Common Animal Spirit Guides that are often overlooked
In a world of global warming and the nearing of catastrophe, there are certain species of animals that the population is exploding. While most species are rapidly falling into extinction a few are thriving. This means those animal guides are trying to contact mankind in a last ditch effort to save and thwart mans own destruction of himself. Below are 7 animals that are thriving, can you see the common message?
Ant - prosperity, earth power, unity
Cat - independence, magick, abundance
Dog - devotion, protection
Insect (any) - power, spirituality, renewal
Mouse - trust, self-examination, persistence, devotion
Rat - courage, mystery, cunning, frivolity and fun
Raven - creation, magick, illumination
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