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Author Topic: { PRS } For Discussion: Directory of Beings  (Read 1078 times)
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Angelic Beings: Angels are comprised of pure love and light, and are considered the most powerful and evolved entities aside from our Higher Power. Angels are always willing to provide their assistance when we request this, and many times even when we don't, but usually try not to be too obtrusive if their help would interfere with certain lessons and karma of ours.

Although we all have at least one to several angels surrounding us at all times, some persons fail to tune into their presence very well if at all. A true angelic appearance often results in a life-altering experience for the blessed receiver, similar to a NDE. Some claim that they've completely turned their lives around "for the better," for instance, due to such an encounter.

When an angelic being initiates a more overt contact with us, feeling consumed by an unconditional love, joy, tranquillity, and protection is common. Other sensations are that oneís hair is being touched or played with, that one is being hugged to the core of their very essence, or that one is literally being pulled out of harm's way. In other instances, there are those who see balls of light and hear music or voices so beautiful that they are beyond human description.

Demons: Demons - for those who even believe in said - are allegedly angels who have fallen from grace or chosen to take the "dark path." They have the power to violate our home, attach themselves to our belongings, and torture us mentally and emotionally by attacking or even possessing our physical shell. Although there are supposed to be malicious spirits with similar capabilities, demonic behavior tends to escalate to the extreme.

Usually the most common complaints during a demonic visitation are a rotted egg or decaying flesh odor; menacing laughter; disembodied voices in foreign tongues such as Latin; verbal threats; objects being thrown; invisible hands grabbing or clawing; scratches and bruises on the body; a sensation of going insane; intense coldness in certain spots to where one can see their own breath; nightmares; consistently bad luck; and an overwhelming sense of hate, anger, evil, and death.

*If you do believe a demon is in your midst, and that you cannot eradicate its presence on your own, you can seek the assistance of a qualified individual such as a shaman or priest to eliminate the problem. Otherwise, most demonic entities are stimulated by challenge and are incredibly conniving; they can either convince you initially that they are "good" spirits or may even appear to be gone only to confront you again at the least expected and most vulnerable moment.

Earthbound/Lost Spectres: A spectre is defined a disembodied spirit, so this term can be applied to ghost sightings in general. I have entitled this "Earthbound/Lost Spectres," however, because I wanted to emphasize those souls who are either earthbound or literally lost since neither is a healthy state to reside in.

These such beings once resided on the earthly realm but due to certain circumstances have difficulty moving on. One reason for such a condition is that the spirit passed over violently or unexpectedly and does not feel prepared to let go of their former life; either because the spirit believes there is still unresolved business to tend to, or because he or she is confused or in denial and simply refuses to accept that he or she is "dead."

Yet others are overcome with guilt and fear, and are too ashamed to go into The Light (this is often the scenario with suicides and murderers). Then there are those who are so in love with or attached to a living being or residency that they insist on remaining indefinitely. There are other reasons for a spirit to remain earthbound or be lost, but these are the most common.

Lost spectres usually make their presence known by exuding a pervasive sense of sorrow over the residency; creating sounds of anguish; crying; rapping on walls; knocking on doors; engaging in repetitive activities as if oblivious to your presence; and floating down hallways in "pieces" (i.e., the witness can only see a limb or the head).

If you do sense that this is the case in your home, it would be beneficial for you to pray that your visitor be guided toward The Light by their angels. Speaking aloud to the spirit in a compassionate, yet, firm tone can help as well. For example, "There is no reason to be afraid. It is time for you to move on. Be released from your earthly bonds now and go into The Light with love and peace in your heart."

Energy Orbs: No one really knows what energy orbs are with any certainty. The theory is that there are balls of direction less and non intellectual energy which can invade the person or home. This type of energy has a dual function because initially it works akin to a sponge by absorbing any other energy already present, then it "magnifies" the absorbed energy and returns it to the original source.

An example would be: if you are suffering from a mild depression, an orb can absorb that and then send it back to you with increased intensity so that your depression may feel overwhelming at times (assuming there is no environmental or medical explanation for such). Of course, if you are in a happy frame of mind it can arouse feelings of euphoria, too. Since this type of energy is mindless it possesses neither a malevolent intent nor a benign intent. It simply "is."

Energy orbs are believed to cause the greatest amount of chaos with electrical outlets, appliances, and the electrical impulses in the brain which in turn can affect the emotions. Usually the result is a form of burn-out for any of the above over time (even too much of a good thing can be overpowering). As such, if you suddenly feel as if everything in your home is going haywire or your emotions abruptly become extremely intense, but you do not sense an actual entity being present, an energy orb just might be the culprit.

Gods/Goddesses: Gods and goddesses seem to be most prevalent in the environments of those who engage in certain magickal practices, religious worshipping, or mythological beliefs. I honestly rarely hear of someone declaring out of the blue that Aphrodite, for instance, is in their house!

Customarily, such a person would already feel a special affinity with this Greek goddess or would have specifically summoned her. One who engages in Wicca may claim that the Goddess Hecate is still present in their home even after a ritual has been completed. One who is really fascinated by Egyptian mythology may be of the notion that the essence of Isis frequents their dwelling. And so on.

More often than not, the type of god or goddess would be a reflection of the individual's own inner energy and external activities. Meaning, to use but one example, if one practices white magick they will be surrounded by a god or goddess of love and light in return. However, if one practices black magick they will be surrounded by a god or goddess of hate and darkness instead.

Loved Ones: Loved ones who pass over almost always spend time with us immediately after their demise to assist with our grieving process. We can usually detect their presence even when they are unable communicate with us directly. Nonetheless, even when they are able to communicate with us more directly, not all have premonitions to impart (much to the disappointment of those left behind).

Quite the contrary, upon initially entering the next dimension departed lovers, friends, and family are not suddenly privy to every detail of our lives nor do they possess full knowledge of every event that will transpire in our future either. They are still all too "human" with feelings and desires as well as certain limitations.

Loved ones who have left the physical shell are typically more interested in reassuring us that they still "live" in a world that is just as tangible to them as ours is to us. Most simply want to examine how we are doing and provide comfort, support, and LOVE. Therefore, there is not always a great amount of interest on their part in relaying premonitory information unless it is to protect a living being from harm, for example. Although I hasten to add that if your Aunt Martha was talkative and always giving advice to you whilst in the body, she may eagerly want to do so in spirit, too!

These souls can employ a variety of methods in which to make their presence known. In general they tend to avoid a lot of hoopla (contrary to the stereotypical seance scene in a scary, old film) and are more inclined to simply materialize before us, outright say hello, or touch us in a familiar way. Although there are also those who will cause items to be moved to different locations, create electrical interference (such as lights going on and off), and rap on walls when they are attempting to gain our attention. So, be sure to talk to your loved ones if you sense their presence at all! They CAN hear you and see you, and they are very sensitive to how you feel and what you think.

*Speaking of seances, many people use the Ouija in an effort to contact family members and friends on the other side. Yet, there are those who believe it is not a game and in fact can be a dangerous tool if not utilized properly. One widely held notion is that the planchette can open the portal for malicious spirits and demonic entities to invade the realm of the living. In which case, some highly recommend against using one without an experienced Ouija practitioner present (i.e,. a psychic or medium).

Pets/Animal Spirits: Deceased pets can remain earthbound if very attached to their owner during life. This is particularly evident in instances where the owner treated the animal akin to a child. Pet spirits are loyal and often protective of their masters, to the extent where tales have been told of a pet "ghost" scaring off a would-be burglar, for example.

Usually when a pet is present there will be the sensation of an animal climbing onto your bed at night; gentle nibbling or licking around your feet; a light breeze near the ankles; a heaviness on the lap as if something is sitting atop you, and so on. They tend to repeat the same habits or behaviors exercised while living. If you notice your former petís favorite toy moving to different areas of the house and such, this explains why!

Since some pets are completely unaware that they no longer reside on the mundane plane, itís important to speak aloud to one when you feels its presence. Use a welcoming, loving tone like you would as if the pet was literally before you, say your petís name often to reassure him/her that you are aware of their presence, and leave little (non perishable!) gifts around.

There are other kinds of animal spirits who can invade your home, and supposedly not all are pleasant. They are usually easy to rid yourself of, however, and few cause much damage other than to scare the heck out of you when you discover a pair of red eyes watching you from the corner of your room!

Poltergeists: A poltergeist is an energy form that can start off mischievous but even become threateningly aggressive over time, depending on the amount of chaos a poltergeist chooses to create. The underlying motivation of most poltergeist activity is seemingly to obtain attention, often akin to a naughty child throwing a temper tantrum, but in some scenarios this type of paranormal activity has been documented "dangerous."

Poltergeists are notorious for moving objects and making objects disappear from one location and materialize later in an alternate location, but unlike deceased loved ones their intent is not "loving." What a devilish way to acquire your attention by making you spend hours searching for that item that you KNOW was in a certain spot just a moment ago!

Some Poltergeists crave even greater acknowledgment and have been known to throw objects through the air, usually hitting their target (which would be you!). They are also known for slamming doors and cupboards; turning appliances on and off (similar to Energy Orbs); causing water to run in sinks and tubs; and sometimes even emit yucky odors.

Poltergeists seem to be most prevalent where there is either a young adolescent, a child just on the cusp of puberty, or a very angry adult. One theory suggests that a poltergeist is nothing more than the turbulent energy of such persons subconsciously channeled so that it appears to be a separate entity.

Psychic Imprints: A psychic imprint is not a spirit but a form of energy. However, usually it requires a professional to discern between the two because for all intent and purposes a psychic imprint can exhibit the same "symptoms" as a haunting. In its most simplified definition: whenever an event transpires that arouses strong emotions, such as a death, the residency in which this event occurs can create a psychic photograph or recording which may "loop" indefinitely.

For example, let's say that a wife is caught being unfaithful to her husband, and subsequently he murders her in the bedroom. Years later guests in the dwelling might be awoken by the frightening vision of a woman screaming and running about in an effort to escape from that same area of the home. This type of manifestation may repeat itself over and over at the same time on the same evening or date that the actual incident took place. Her spirit is not truly there, just an imprint of her energy or memory.

Spirit Guides: A spirit guide is an evolved being who has elected to take upon the role of "mentor" for our present incarnation. Some have lived physical existences themselves, whereas, others have not. Allegedly, there are even those spirit guides who originate from a completely "alien" dimension.

Guides serve various functions depending on our current lifetime lessons, desires, and goals. Some are present simply because we knew them prior to them passing over or from a previous incarnation, and the greatest intent of this type of guide is oftentimes merely to keep us company and provide us with love and support.

Yet, there are other guides who have more defined roles that can pertain to finances, career, romance, health, et al. In these instances, their purpose is to assist us with achieving certain ambitions relevant to our personal, mundane, or spiritual growth. Guides do not always have premonitory messages to convey or at times will withhold information if they feel a particular revelation will hinder our development. Like angels, they classically avoid being too invasive.

All spirit guides are gentle, loving, and wise beings with our best interest at heart. They tend to bring with them sweet or soothing smells such as flowers, can arouse a tingling sensation in our hearts or heads, and can even create a swirl of energy or delicate breeze around our bodies. They are similar to angelic beings are far as having the ability to hug us spiritually. Some will even at times make physical "gifts" appear such as a feather falling before us. A "passage" guide is one who arrives to ease our transition into the spirit realm.
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