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Author Topic: { PRS } For Disc: Here Are A Few Reasons Why A Spirit May Stay Earthbound  (Read 961 times)
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Why Ghosts Don't Cross Over
Why do some spirits not cross over?

This is a commonly asked question. Here are a few reasons, why a spirit may choose to stay earthbound, rather than cross over to the Summer lands, Heaven, whatever you choose to call it.

Some spirits will remain at the place where they have died. Especially if it was a sudden or unexpected death. They remain where they die and may try to make contact with anyone who passes by. Especially those sensitive to spirits.

Some spirits are afraid to cross over. They maybe afraid it is the end of everything. They may feel afraid of being judged when they cross over or of going to what some people call hell. This spirits may realize they are dead but stay here out of fear of what is beyond!

Some spirits may remain earthbound to complete something or to watch over loved one. This spirits may not be here long depending on how complicated what they feel needs to be done is. Generally then these spirits pass over. Sometimes these spirits need the living to help them complete there goals. Then they may contact someone to assist them. If the living cannot understand what they need or want this can make the spirits stay more lengthy. Almost anything that a spirit feels compelled to do before it goes to the light can make it remain here until it feels comfortable with how they have left things.

Another reason a spirit may stay earthbound is because of living loved ones who cannot get over the death and by not letting go. This happens when people go beyond the normal grieving process and become obsessed with the deceased person. So this can complicate them passing over. They are afraid to leave us.

Here are a few reasons why a spirit may stay earthbound.
“How Do I Communicate With A Ghost?”

I usually advise to wait till the spirit decides to contact you!

How Do You Know When A Ghost Is Trying To Communicate With You?

There are many ways a spirit may try to contact you. Here are a few of those ways:

Through Dreams
When you are asleep, your mind is more open to things you may not have considered possible. Such has the existence of Ghosts. So many Ghosts may try to contact you through your dreams. Because it will be less frightening to you.

If you dream of someone you know who is deceased, they maybe trying to contact you. Pay close attention to your dreams. I recommend keeping a pad and pen next to your bed in case you wake up so you can write it done before you forget what you saw or heard in your dreams.


This is becoming a common way for Spirits to contact the living. Sometimes you don't even know yet that this person has passed away. The calls are generally short, to the point, giving you love, hope, and information in a time of need.

Other Ways Maybe

Through a written message or just a feeling of not being alone when you think you are. Also through whispers in the night.

My Suggestions To You:

1. Be Patient

2. Never try to force or rush a spirit in to communication. They will contact you when they are ready.

3. Never ever take matters into your own hands and use devices or rituals such as Ouija Boards, Seance, or Automatic Writing. If you feel it is urgent and cannot wait, that the spirit is in some kind of trouble, that you are the reason they are still here an d have not passed over or whatever. Contact a recommended and experienced Psychic, Medium, or Paranormal Investigators and get the help you need. They know better than you do on how to communicate safely with the big afterlife world without letting in bad or unwanted spirits. They also know how to handle bad and unwanted spirits.

A Ghost could follow you from place to place but it is not likely. Most Ghost are attached to a location or building. It may have been a favorite place for them, their home or scene of their death. The living occupants may or may not be aware of the spirits presence, depends on how sensitive or Psychic you are.

If you have a Ghost that is following it maybe because, it has attached itself to you.

Such was the case with my childhood Ghost "Amy". She was the one who told me my cat had died when I was a kid.

Also deceased relatives or friends may not be bound by location and can follow living loved ones around from place to place.

A spirit may also be attach to an object. It could be a favorite chair,  family heirloom, or whatever the spirit holds dear to them.

In any case spirits are drawn to living people that are sensitive their presence. They seek this people out to keep them company, for help, or whatever.
Some of the biggest misconceptions of Ghosts are:\

1. All Ghosts Are Evil:

This believe probably stems from most peoples fear of the afterlife. There are evil ghosts but the majority are not! As people begin to realize most spirits they see are not hurting anyone. So this is becoming less common. Most spirits wish no one any harm. They just want to be noticed!

2. If I read about spirits, haunting or believe they will haunt my home.

Mostly all this does is make you more sensitive to there presence. There for you may start noticing them more and think they came because you read about it.  You may have just been closed off to their presence before.  They where probably there to begin with, you just weren't open to it.

3. only old houses where death has occurred are haunted.

not true, people, places, objects and area's can all be haunted by spirits. If a spirit loved something in life they can come back to it in death.

4. Ouija boards and seances are a great way for me to make a connection to the afterlife and my deceased loved ones.

we already discussed this several times. You never know what spirit will come through and some spirits do lie!

5. if I don't see a ghost there isn't one there.

not true ghosts may or may not want to make contact with the living. If they choose to it maybe through noises, smells, apparitions, moving your objects around as well as many other ways that they may choose to.  Just cause you don't see them doesn't mean they are not there. Also doesn't mean they have not tried in their own way to let you know of their presence, not just by seeing them.

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